All rooms have been renovated in a fairly similar style. Prices are higher near the beach and for aircon rather than a fan but also vary depending on when Airbnb offers promotions on new listings or listings that have little movement. Listings nominally represent room types rather than specific rooms.
Rooms in general in all resorts are becoming a bit more like airline tickets up and down day to day depending on movement.
During Peak season room choice is difficult because the resort is always full and guests arriving late evening get the last room available. However, all rooms are newly renovated in a similar style so it is only the location that has a bearing on the individual. Different people prefer different locations so in effect all locations are popular.
The 17 bungalows nearest to the beach are less quiet due to guests walking past on the way to beach, bar, and restaurant. These rooms are popular with young people for the music from Bar at night and hanging out.
There are about 20 bungalows near and behind the reception surrounding the second pool. The quietest area is at the furthest point from reception behind the pool where 4 brand new Bungalows have been built. Families and romantic couples like these rooms for privacy.
The C rooms on the second floor over the reception and in the new building block nearby are favorites. They are similar to Hotel rooms and more exposed to fresh sea breezes, brighter and quieter.  Each room has two doors, one entrance door, and one door onto the balcony.  There are also more airy with views from above balconies and some windows facing the ocean.
There are 4 similar rooms on the ground floor but without the second door as the balcony is outside the front entrance door. Many people like these rooms especially the two rooms with 4 poster beds.
During Low Season there is more room choice for you and you can change rooms for longer stays. Everyone has their own favorite spots. Some people want a hard mattress and some people want soft.
Come around Midday for most choice after other guests check out and before too many new arrivals check- in.


Proximity to Beach
All 50 rooms are near the beach ranging from 50 meters to 200 meters stretching back from the beach along two sides of private pedestrian avenues. The nearest and most expensive bungalow to the beach is next to one of the two swimming pools, so anyone looking out the window or sitting on the balcony can first see the pool and the beach just beyond the pool.
When you step out of the pool you simply walk down six steps onto to beach. On the left of the steps is the massage platform and on the right is the restaurant/bar. If you walk from this bungalow to the beach you just walk the length of the pool, then down the six steps and onto the beach.